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Originally Posted by AlexLakis ➡️
If I may, Roc...

...The last thing I need is more hi hat bleed and less low-mid "muck" (as you put it) and "body resonance" in my snare.

I guess it could be useful if you were going for another kind of sound (besides the great 57 snare sound we all know and love) and somebody was holding a gun to your head forcing you to use a 57 on the snare...Doesn't happen too much to me, tho...

I might put a HPF at, say, 40Hz for snare, but I think you'd be stretching if you said the low end on the 57 was unusable. I've used it plenty of times on toms and bass drum with great results.

I've also never had a problem with the output gain on a 57; It's got plenty.

I doubt it's the mod making "scratch tracks" "keepers." Lots of people use the good ol' 57 for vocals by choice, myself included.

I'm sure the mod is great, tho, and opens it up for other applications...I guess it would depend on how expensive the mod is (since mics like this are cheap to begin with.)

Sorry, don't mean to rain on the love fest here, but I didn't agree with some of the things in your post as I'm seeing them...

I didn't say the low end on a 57 unusable, don't put words in my post!

You might be better off taking the transformer out of your's if you don't need the gain and like the low end where it is. That way, you can justify the fact that you have a better 57 than everyone else and you didn't have to shell out a dime!!

As for the scratch vocal I was talking about, how can you base your statements on something you have never heard or know anything about. That was my opinion, based on my session. So I don't see why you need to feel upset that the mod worked for me, for that application.

Your right, the mod is great, perhaps you might try it for yourself with your intended application.

For those of you who are interested, they are shipping.
please feel free to contact me @ [email protected]