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Originally Posted by Roc Mixwell ➡️
Hey Guys,

The T58 Mod for SM57 and SM58 is a great way to improve the tone of these very popular microphones. It adds; better high end resolution which makes it even more useful for things like; snare, GTR, vocals, tom's, etc..etc... It has a higher output gain so you will not have to run your preamp as hot, which means less noise. It also clears up that low-mid muck and body resonance. I know I end up putting HPF on a 57 just about every time I use one.

It works great on everything now, not just GTR and snare. We used it for gang vocals even. I will even venture to say that the mod improves the microphone for live applications as well, where more intelligibility is needed.

It gives the snare's crack much more definition and clarity. It works well for vocals when you are tracking the band all in one room. Normally, I would have to re-do the scratch vocals because they were virtually unusable in mix down. Now, I run the vocals through the Thermionic Early-bird and it's like instant glue!!!!

It might be worth while for a studio to have a wolf in sheep's clothing!!!

check it out
SM57 Microphone with TAB-Funkenwerk Transformer

How does it compare to a Beta 57?