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Originally Posted by string6theory ➡️
And that warm and invitingly organic strip of wood above the 5 octave keyboard has got to be the sexiest strips of wood in synth design history! That’s some fuzz factor right there, fogetaboutit.
When I'm being honest with myself, I admit that this its design is one of the main reasons I've lusted after a Prophet 5 for over a decade now. For that reason (and the many reasons listed in this thread), I'd really only spring for a Prophet 5 if it were for a smoking deal. I own a GliGli-upgraded Prophet 600, and as I recently mentioned in another thread, I found that I am able to match many Prophet V3 (Arturia's Prophet 5 VST) patches to the point that they are nearly indistinguishable.

I'd be very curious to see a real, carefully done shoot-out between the Prophet 5, Prophet 6, and Prophet 600. Perhaps the results would be sobering enough to stop my dreaming about a P5 once and for all.

It's so pretty.