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Sorry for the lack of updates.

Yes it's true, unfortunately, I had to decide to close down the studio last year.
I struggled with this decision for quite some years.
Tried to keep the studio going, my wife always supported me and encouraged me to keep the studio, but I ended up having to make the hard decision of closing the studio.
My health was suffering with it.

This has always been a private studio that I have always used as a hobby/"2nd job", but with the increase of work and projects in my company I reached to a point of my life where I didn't had time to work in the studio.
I also lost any hope of having more free time to do it at a later stage of my life.

In the last years, most of the times I had no fun working in the studio.
I was working almost exclusively at night, after my work, most of the times starting after midnight and sleeping a few hours. And had the additional pressure because I was burning the deadlines.
Due to these circumstances I wasn’t having much pleasure on working at the studio as I should and the excess of stress and lack of sleep was obvious.

I thought of letting the studio operational to use it as a real hobby (working on it only when I had time), but that would be impossible. To work with good bands (that would make me enjoy the studio work) I would still have the same pressure of deadlines and would had to work regularly to attract them.

I lost all hope of having more free time to work at the studio later, I decided to close the studio down and started slowly selling all the equipment.

Big decisions that have to be made...

Later I will post some pics I took before starting to sell my gear...