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Old 20th September 2018
I'm bumping an old thread here, but I just thought I'd chime in with my perspective. The Prophet 5 is the only synth that I still lust for (well, maybe the T8 too), but I have to admit that, with the release of the Prophet 6, it doesn't make a ton of practical sense. Standard, factory-installed MIDI, stereo output, velocity, and an extra note of polyphony are massively helpful features of the 6 that the 5 lacks. Given that the 6 is also half the price, comes with a warranty, and is immensely more reliable (and thus less costly) than it's 40 year-old brother, it is simply the better value by a long shot.

BUT, the slimmed-down construction of the Prophet 6 makes it less attractive by my tastes, and the 5 has a larger keyboard. So, there are some arguments to be made for the Prophet 5, but if I had the cash to choose either, I'd go for the Prophet 6 and go on a Hawaiian vacation with the difference.