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Originally Posted by ninjaneer ➡️
hi guys,

i have a question about the characteristics of live rooms

what have been your personal favourite live rooms that you have recorded in over the years - they don't have to still be in operation

also is it quite common for you to use the live room or chambers in a studio when mixing
or are you happy with the hardware software solutions at present.

thanks in advance,


My favourite rooms would be Island Basing Street 1 & 2, Olympic 1, Parkgates, Mark Angelo, Kore, Sarm East, Pachyderm, Electric Lady, Ocean Way, Dreamland.

I always use a mixture of live chambers, live room and software reverb. I love EMT plates - especially the big ones!

I always depend upon trying to get a sense of the recorded space during the recording as this helps to blend the sounds better so often the reverb is used more as an effect than a spacial tool.