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Yeah, the two cm or inches comment gave me some pause. I've been doing this long enough to doubt a couple cm up or down from a main pair will in way change the perspective enough to be noticeable except in the most extreme circumstances. Like he said, he was not an engineer, he was a producer, and I'm sure any engineer who worked with him would have been happy to accept a mic movement instruction for the sake of appeasement if they knew the results would be the same.

Even people great at their jobs can have head scratching beliefs and ideas. Perhaps it comes from an emotional passion toward the work rather than the disconnect that comes from being overly practical. I'm sure I have my fair share of quirks that other engineers think are crazy. I have sometimes posted ideas where people thought I lost my mind. In the end, results matter more than method.

I have heard much of his discography and cannot argue with his results. All recording sessions benefit from a great producer. I find it immensely frustrating to work on projects without an organized leader.