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Old 31st August 2018
What a wonderfully open and fun-loving guy, in love with his work. That does it for me.

But-- there is some reason, having watched the video above, I keep pondering the "well this is not really absurd"ity of the concept of moving mics two inches making all the difference. It makes every difference, obviously-- but it sure speaks to me of a protocol where you take what the mikes give you and that's not just only your capture but your final mix.*

It must be a generational thing. The way I was raised, the slightest tweak of an EQ or multiband compressor will completely overwhelm the difference of two inches, even nudging a fader or two will blot out the distinction. Considering the crucial task is bending the audio to your will, you will be engaging this processing and anything else you can think of, because whatever the mikes have to say, the job at hand is a few leaps and bounds beyond that.

Just trying to understand my revisiting this for a few days... not to worry...

* (I understand the "shock value" aspect that maybe is the reason why this comment was included in the production.)