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Originally Posted by zak7 ➡️
I was so glad watching the video: click here:
MPG event 2005 comparison with analoge and digital recording

About analog vs digital and the DAWs shoot out.

What was amazing is how friendly, relax and down to earth are the British Engineers and producers....Pip Williams seems a very cool, nice guy and very smart person...besides of how experienced and talented he is.
You cold feel the atmosphere was great!!

I wish in America could be the same...even at the AES (USA) you feel that air of arrogancy.....

I think that is something we need to learn to enjoy better the music!!
Thanks for the compliments!

I must say I have noticed sometimes that there is a tendency for US engineers and producers to act a little like they are bigger stars than the artists and often studio staff note how much more even tempered English engineers are. However, I love the professionalism of US studios - the attention to detail and care taken with equipment is often much more noticeable than in some UK studios.

I think it is very easy to slip into the 'grass is greener' syndrome though and surely the best scenario is putting together teams of collaborators who fire each other up to make great records?