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Yes - the only point for me in mixing OTB is to take advantage of the character of the console as a whole, not just its summing amps, and to be able to use the selection of analogue outboard gear available in the studio.

Moreover, when I'm mixing ITB in my own studio, I still use analogue outbaord gear where appropriate. I'm always having to decide about this on the basis of sound character vs expediency. i really appreciate the flexibility of instant recall in Pro Tools. Using anything OTB creates extra work in terms of recalls. Having said that, the bottom line is always the sound, so that takes precedence.

The outboard gear I have includes:

TLA 8 ch hybrid tube mixer & Fatman compressor
SSL X-Logic Eq & mic amps, E-Series Dynamics modules
Several guitar stomp boxes, incl. Sansamp, Lovetone, H & K, Vox, Roger Mayer
Vox AC30 tube amplifier
Sherman Filterbank
Lexicon reverbs & delays
Valley Audio Maxi-Q
UA mic amps & 1176 compressors
Allison Gain-Brains
Various A&D Scamp modules
Real Tube preamp
Peavey Valverb
Focusrite Red-1 mic amps, Voicemaster & Compounder