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I'm quite impressed with Liquid Mix. The eq's are very usuable, although I haven't performed exhaustive tests on all the models yet. The mix 'n' match user-configs are very useful. Some of the compressors are a bit useless I feel, although some are good after a lot of tweaking. The 1176 emulation is nothing like the real thing, unlike the Bomb Factory version, which although not an exact replica (what is?) is very usable. It's great having hardware control in LM, and the v2 software has sorted out some of the bugs in v1. Aside for criticism of the individual ermulations, it's incredible value for the DSP.

I got the TLA Tubetracker essentially as a front end for recording, but it's good to have the tube preamps to use as plugins in the mix. The tube sound is great, the eq basic, but very usable, and I also wanted to have some kind of analogue mixer for sub-mixing mics and effects, especially for electric guitar recording. I'm a strong beleiver in getting the sound right as you record and then printing it. I don't subscribe to the "keep your options open" principle, although I do always record a clean e/gtr direct signal (just in case!).