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Abbey Road.......

Thanks very much for your kind words. I believe that the most valuable lesson that I learned from that truly wonderful place was the importance of the music and the musician. One of the first albums that I mixed had been recorded (badly) in New York. I was really struggling to get the thing to sound good and my lack of experience didn't help at all. However on some of the multitracks there were incredible stereo bounces of fantastic guitars. I assumed that they had been recorded elsewhere or with a different engineer/producer. No they had been recorded in the same place, by the same team. Only after a few days did I realise that these guitars had been played by Dave Gilmour! That's why they sounded fantastic! There was a wonderful lesson demonstrating that the artist/musician is really the most important element in the studio. That's why I have tried to spend most of my career making musicians feel as confident, comfortable and as safe as possible. Of course I also care very much about the sort of equipment that I utilise however this is really of secondary importance. As far as Abbey Road being sold, I don't know anything about it neither does Abbey Road - I was there yesterday with David Foster and Josh Groban.