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Old 29th June 2018
Mixing at Crystal Studios

The fashion when I joined this site was to use a pseudonym, but my name is Jeff Sanders.
I worked at Crystal Studios in Hollywood when you mixed Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America”. I had a startling experience when I went to an upstairs storage room to get some replaceable supply (toilet paper?). Out of the normal dead quiet, the room burst into loud background vocals. You had looped an effects send to a Leslie cabinet and miked it with an 87 (not absolutely sure of the mic). Never done before or since there. It was a fully tiled former bathroom and sounded great for the purpose. I had to tell the second engineer that I had been in there, in case there were any of my startled noises on the recording. She said you were not recording yet.
What, if anything, do you recall about those sessions?