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Originally Posted by Tony Platt ➡️
It's not that I don't like Cubase (my first sequencer was Pro 24 - Steinberg's first) but it is not really good at acting like a multitrack and depends entirely on the quality of the converters used. At least Protools HD defines this quality. My preference would be Radar but the Alesis HD is good too.

My instincts would tell me that you were perhaps not using enough of an analogue path for the results you want!

To over come the unmultitrackability I have all the live stuff monitored through sends analog and then have various outputs from cubse(playback) going to other analog channels and blend these for monitiring.

Also there is "Mulitrack mode"in the settings which makes monitoring straight through cubase when record is armed. You need super low latency.

Thanks for your comments I will try a few different mics although I don't have the luxury of API or Neve at the studio I'm using.

I'm going to have to "act it out". I have spent years trying to make digital recordings sound more analog. I just have to close my eyes and find what I need to do, some times going out through guitar pedals. and other stuff that can recreate analog's lovable flaws.

Thanks heaps you have forced me to dig deep in my brain rather than be lazy and have it served up to me...