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Originally Posted by mickglossop ➡️
I'd like to refer to Haydn's previous posting regarding client confidentiality, and say that we have to be respectful in this area. However, I think I can probably make some general remarks about recording with Van. His sessions are always a thrill to work on - he's a very spontaneous performer and that makes for some exiting moments.
In order to make the sessions work, I have to prepare for any situation, combination of musicians & singers, etc. The sessions are invariably live, but separation between microphones is essential, as is eye contact. I used to use a Sennheiser MD421 for Van's vocal, but these days it tends to be a Shure SM87.
I understand Completely Mick about the confidentiality. While I was cruising your website I read all of your interviews and I found them to be very informing. Especially the quicktime movie interview.

The vocal Track I am most in awe of is the song "Foreign Window" off the No Guru cd. The vocals seem to have a softness to them. Somehow taking the edge off his voice. The drums sound really nice too. I would have guessed this to be a U87.