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Originally Posted by dontogueli ➡️
No man/men remember that we are thousend of million personos in world. And included thousend of hundred thousend of composers. I have find always extremly bad, bad, good and extremly good music in al countries, society ranges, races and genres.
This is an media strategy. Music have a big power in the society. And imagination is extremly dangerous for some macrosocial plans. I stop here because is not the place and will not provoque the tipical reactions.
only say The architecture of a tool influences necesary the results. Its the difference between a pro and an amateur: reduce this influence
Is not a lake of imagination that is guilty of the "sounds are dominant today on your radio. It's also your choice to find your preferred music and environement.
Good music? Like the Gallegos say : Meigas? haberlas haylas
Please do tell where is
the time and place to have such discussions?
This stuff needs to be exposed and talked about.