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Old 26th May 2018
Just for fun perhaps we all could publish a recent track and comment on what DAW it uses & some details?

I can start with my new song “The Traveller” which I have planned to release (via Amuse) shortly on itms & spotify. It’s out on the tube for now.

Musical style: Synth pop
Credits: Vocals, lyrics, music & production by yours truly, Patrick aka Bitley.
HW gear used: JP08 (the pwm sound), JX8P (the pad)
SW instruments: Thor (the bass) & the NNXT / Combinator based refill that took me five years to develop; WBF R2 (Way Beyond Fairlight R2) (drums, additional synths)
Computer: 2011 Mac Mini w 4 GB ram & High Sierra
Audio interface: Propellerhead Balance
DAW: Propellerhead Reason 9.5
CPU usage: 45-50%
Mastering / etc: Yamaha HS80 & AKG phones. I live in a flat and almost never use the monitors. Compared it a little to some tracks like music from Tove Lo & the Weeknd but also Erasure, Yazoo, Abba to find levels that seemed OK... but the whole mastering experience in general is a nightmare more or less. I really should take my tracks for a spin in my Saab 9-5 speakers as that instantly reveals if the mix has too much bass. Relentless as I am I used Reason’s default mastering suite and decided to give it a try.