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why Pyramix isn't on the list

Originally Posted by nightchef ➡️
[Reaper is] a DAW for people who prioritize flexibility over usability. To get the most out of it, you have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and play with the interface, customize toolbars, etc., to make it fit your workflow and personal style. Some people find that rewarding, some would prefer something that presents a more intuitive/usable interface right out of the box, even at the cost of a little flexibility. It's not really a better/worse thing, just a horses-for-courses thing.
Agreed. This is what keeps people away from my DAW of choice, Pyramix. The power, flexibility, and complete customization make for a very steep learning curve. I have to keep turning interns away who don't know at least the basics of it, as it's only taught in a few programs (McGill, Peabody, NIU (Northern Ill. U), etc. A six- or eight- week internship is about enough time to teach someone the most basic tasks, ignoring all other aspects of recording and studio use! While it's frustrating as a user Pyramix will probably never make this list, it's difficult to convince anyone to switch when it takes months to get comfortable with it. I get that.

I also see this from the other side as a Reaper user when I'm not working on classical music. This was the first DAW I sat down with to do a mix on a pop song and things just flowed with ease. I dropped in media, setup several plugins, and had a mix going with automation in about 10 minutes. That's a level of intuitiveness that should be commended!