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The quick answer is get Etta James but that is rather flippant and not at all helpful!

My advice is to make sure that the instruments sound the way you want them before you even put a microphone up. Find the best place in the room for each instrument and make sure the blend between them is naturally good. Then you can record what you are actually hearing rather than trying to make it happen afterwards.

Of course you need good players too.

As far as the microphone is concerned I will always (regardless of time) try a number of microphones to find the one that best suits the singer's voice. It is important because if she is hearing her voice the way she imagines it then she will sing better and the sound will be better - it's self fulfilling.

Harrison would not be my first choice for the sound you want - API or Neve would get there more easily but the RME has similar characteristics at a lower price.

Personally I wouldn't go near Cubase either but it can do the job if you have a decent way into it - you don't say what interface you have.

The point is that even with the best mic amps and mics in the world a crap sound card will destroy all your good work.

I think you need to look at this as if you are setting up a photograph - get all the components arranged well, then click the shutter!

I don't think we can give you a list of what to use and where to put it - you need to develop an instinct for that by trusting your own ears and your own judgement - hey - you know what you like and you know your taste is good!!