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Originally Posted by gurubuzz ➡️
Thanks Mike That's great..!.!.!.!!!

1176's on the mix .

Would you track with the 1176s on the master from the start?

Would you mix with them or put them on at the end .

And what was/is your favourite mix buss settings for the 1176.

and favourite settings for bass?

I don't own 1176s neither have I used them but on Thursday I'm recording a soul funk outfit and there is a pair in the rack...I can't wait to loose my 1176 virginity......
Well, usually the bass would go down to tape - or hard drive - with the 1176 live, and again on the mix, but not excessive, just enough to keep it steady and solid. It's never a good idea to specify settings because it's different with every player and style, but generally a moderate attack and probably slightly slower release, but with the mix I like a slow attack and fairly fast release, to keep the levels up. But as we were saying in the mastering thread here, enough to make it punchy without losing the dynamics. I always think you should go for less rather than more on the mix because you can always add more at the mastering stage but you can't take it off!

There's also a technique with vocals I heard about, tried and then used a lot where you chain two 1176s in series - both on fairly gentle settings. The first one captures the heavy peaks and the second one can then keep the level up with out struggling. Particularly good with singers with poor breath control - and that's a lot of them...

Have a great session!