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Originally Posted by KIDBILL ➡️
What is your opinion / experiences with this preamp-compressor?
How is the sound?
I've owned 4, and they are IMHO amazingly natural and open beyond anything out there, mine are down .5db at 50Khz. True Class A power for the tubes, unlike almost every other piece of pro audio gear. They have a modern LA2A in them and sound very 3D and alive, they became my goto units for open natural vocals, team them with a vintage sounding mic and watch the mic open up in ways you can never imagine.

I'm a HUGE Requisite fan and I consider them at the top of the pro audio tube equipment pyramid, just above the likes DW Fearn, Pendulum Audio, and Manley.

Danny does not advertise or more would know of my top secret Requisite tools, lol. Every time I showed up at studio's with them it was "why do you have those, we have all the top gear"..... 2 hours later it was always "I can't believe what I'm hearing", lol.

So I can't recommend them enough if open in a beautiful 3D natural way is what you are after in a channel strip.