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Post Wanting to sound like Etta James

Hi Guys,

Thanks for all your time and sharing your knowledge.
Every time I listen to Bob Marley it lifts my soul to the sky....

Seeing your wealth of knowledge and some bluesy/soul influences,
can you give me some Ideas on how to get an Etta James kind of
vocal sound...

I have at my disposal:

An old Harrison Desk for pre's
Rode Valve Classic
" NT2
" K2
Tube screamer
SDR 1000
Alesis Quadraverb

I use Cubase so I have VSTs


I usually just close my eyes after listening to the original and
see what I can do - distortion/comp/reverb. I don't have the time to
experiment this time so any Ideas wil greatly speed my thought process.

I also have a few guitar amps and a large concrete floor and brick wall area
with a pitched roof broken up by some wooden walls.

I know her Vocals were done on a M49 originally not sure of the pre's/comp
etc...I don't know anyone who has an M49.

The singer has a similar tone.
Trying to emulate "In the basement" , "I prefer you", "7 day fool kind" of sound.

We are doing it all live in Iso.

Thanks a lot guys.