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Personally i think it looks really powerful. I could def see creating alot of sounds from lead tones to esoteric parts and fills. I haven't found or heard a great, slight chimey breakup sound but most sims I have heard can't do that (the kemper I had could but those were snapshots of real amps). I went back to an amp for those, EL 84's in the Fender Bassbreaker and I can dial that sound in.

Do you have any rhythm type sounds like that? the "plug the guitar straight into a Vox or orange or Fender/marshal, EL 84's, transformers etc" and achieve that, its hard to describe, deep rich, sag, chimey breakup? its not OD or distortion. Sort of an AC/DC meets early REM. Just asking because it would be cool to have all the sounds you need in one place. The Zep video would have been close to what I am talking about but while it had sort of the tone, for me, it didn't have the depth and crunch of the real thing. and thats not being negative, i just find no sims seem to be able to do "that" sound. but i would love to hear some examples if you might have more

It's ok if it won't do that because I think it does sound great on alot of other things I would need. I also like the depth and layout just fine, especially the depth you can go to setup some sounds. congrats on this, I think its a cool product