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There's also this:

Which isn't the mix on the album. You can do a side by side. Weezer said they thought Serban's was the better mix technically but they wanted a consistent feel on the record and he only mixed that one track.

Here's the OTB mix:

They're really close though.

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I like the separation on the OTB mix better. I think its more obvious during the verses... OTB sounds more open to my ears.

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I thought the Costey mix on that Weezer track was much better than the ITB mix. The ITB mix was s*****, pointy...a bit harsh although super punchy and deep on the good side.

I have to say though, some of those Imagine Dragons mixes are simply phenomenal! My kids (clears throat) “made” me listen to them all last year. ;0) some very creative stuff going on in those mixes for sure.
I think they sound like 2 different mixes by 2 guys, but I don't really feel (from youtube, listening on everyone else) that one is clearly "OTB" and the other isn't. They both have bits I like more than the other.

It's very different to Serban's usual genre - and I think that shows (a bit like Spike Stent mixing Muse). The aspects of his mix that for me sound "better" than the Costey mix are things like the deeper bass and the dancier drum bits. It loses out a little in the tone of the guitars - sounds honkier to me, and sometimes the bass is overpowering (in a way it wouldn't be on a dance pop track).

Really - this sort of thing is Rich Costey's world - he *should* turn in a more stylistically appropriate result! I'd like to hear a Tchad Blake ITB mix of the same thing though.