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Originally Posted by Funny Cat ➡️
I get where you’re coming from and I could see that if he was working on an SSL with racks of gear.

But really do you think someone on serban’s level gets tracks that need editing etc? That’s what producers are for. The good ones anyway.

I can’t imagine having an assistant do routing ITB for me either. That’s why templates exist.

File checking...that’s usually when you get your first listen to how well things were recorded too.

Also, are you saying you work 100% ITB and have an assistant? I guess this is a new trend?
I wish I had an assistant! I’d second the need for setup - you literally can spend half a day setting up a session well. Which means that you can then mix a big track in half a day.

These are big tracks people like Serban are mixing - and yes even with well produced tracks, there can be clean up jobs happening.

I use templates for FX and some groups but honestly track count varies so much I don’t find much use for channel templates, unless I’m doing a whole album.