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Originally Posted by Myles83 ➡️
I just finished mixing a top 40 pop artist's new album with Serban and I asked him tons of questions... He's 100% in the box and using the same plug-ins we've all got!
Could you expound on this? I think its been common knowledge that he was one of the early ITB (which means no summing, no HW inserts btw) converts.

Any insight into his workflow? Is he working in outside rooms/travelling at all?

He works out of his spot in Virginia Beach, doesn't seem like he travels much as we'd be on the phone for revisions over the past six months and he was always at his place. Honestly don't have much to say about his workflow as it all seemed very straight forward. He'd spend a day on a song and send over for revisions. Just about all of the first mixes were 99% with little to no revisions necessary. I'll also say that he has one assistant and is doing all of the mixing as well as any revisions himself.