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I learnt about recording and mixing by direct contact
i find this process is more or less dying....first, lemme explain that i havn't gone to a formal school for engineering, but i have noticed the plethora of ppl coming out of these such schools, and now, for some reason, ppl don't take me as seriously as someone that has gone through this 'training'

but the amount of mentoring, has gone down quite there are a few reasons for this, one being the 'mentors' are simply too busy, and two, the market is SATURATED with all these 'SAE' type recording school's the equivalent of "rock star school" even if there were such a school, 9 out of 10 wouldn't move on to become rock stars....but do you think the market is saturated with all these future audio engineers?

i, for one, have the heart and dedication...just no "credentials" and i've found (at least here in Nashville) that ppl don't take me seriously because they've got 15 "future grammy winners" fighting for the same spot as me...

i guess my point is, I (personally) don't see the one-on-one mentoring that used to be "the way to make it" gooin' on.