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Im really enjoying this fantastic equalizer for mixing tracks especially for correction. So far Ive been reaching for the Tokyo eq over all the Aqua mixing options unless I want the lowend from Gold for example. I also try it before using an eq like ProQ2 for surgical as it tends to result in a more musical outcome albeit probably not as precise. I find eqs like ProQ2 pretty tempting to go too far. Tokyo keeps you in bounds with its band and Q limitations. If I need more then its a fair bit easier.

Sound wise, Tokyo is relatively clean but undeniably warm, natural, and makes tracks sound better. Perfect for itb. This includes the preamp. As Ive reviewed elsewhere, the end result doesnt sound like an eq was used. More like the audio went back in time and was tracked more to your liking. That goes for both boosting and cutting.

A true itb hero especially for less than stellar home recordings. And the best part is the price! Looking forward to more.