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A second round of comparisons:

I quickly drew this curve in the AVA Mastering EQ, boosting the range of 200-800 Hz by 3dB:

And here's the analysis:

Now I tried to recreate this curve with a typical parametric:

My first attempt is using a single band centered on 400Hz, with a 1-octave bandwidth:

As you can see, that doesn't recreate my desired curve at all. There's just one big peak, and then a gradual tapering on each side. Often, that's exactly what you want (and the AVA-ME can do that, too). But I want a different shape for my example.

So I tried to combine 4 bands by tweaking the frequency, gain and Q. This is what I achieved after a few minutes of tweaking:

This was no fun, so I gave up after about 5 minutes.

Finally, I tried to use shelving filters with adjustable Q. This got pretty close (if you ignore the dips at the band edges), but it still took a few minutes and I had to use some un-intuitive settings while referencing the AVA's curve to match it:

You can do these shapes with a FFT-based EQ, but FFT causes pre-ringing and other digital-sounding side effects.

The AVA ME does this very easily and in a very analog-sounding way.

-Ben at Harrison