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Originally Posted by bill5 ➡️
I found Reaper one of the better ones. But this isn't exactly a difficult problem. If one doesn't like a DAW, try another one.
My main DAW is Digital Performer (glad to see it make the list!), but I've been using Reaper lately a lot because I'm working on projects created in a Reaper-based shop, and my take FWIW is that it's a DAW for people who prioritize flexibility over usability. To get the most out of it, you have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and play with the interface, customize toolbars, etc., to make it fit your workflow and personal style. Some people find that rewarding, some would prefer something that presents a more intuitive/usable interface right out of the box, even at the cost of a little flexibility. It's not really a better/worse thing, just a horses-for-courses thing.