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Originally Posted by scottym ➡️
Both Reaper and FLStudio are overrated by their respected community followers, yet they have the most illogical and frustratingly limited approach to usability standards other daws don't have..

Personally I find them both terrible, and particularly FLStudio terrible..(even more so today) even though I produce trance music and have been for over 20 years.
I found Reaper one of the better ones. But this isn't exactly a difficult problem. If one doesn't like a DAW, try another one. There are many, with many similarities, but also varying designs/workflows. What one person swears by another finds terrible. Neither is right or wrong; it's what works for the individual.

I wouldn't be surprised if it's one if the reasons most music we hear today is just terrible.
uh, no. The quality of music has nothing to do with the DAW. That would be a hilariously bad excuse for anyone to use. I think a lot of the music (the stuff we hear on the radio anyway) is poor because people's imaginations are weaker and people are lazier in general.