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Old 23rd April 2018
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You know, I haven't tried Axiom yet, but I really liked Destructor, except for their EQ approach to cabinet simulation. Last time I tried it, it sounded 500% better loading Recabinet after it with some Ownhammer IRs.

A lot of developers out there seem to underestimate the importance of the cabinet component, consequently, all ampsims I've ever used sounded incredibly better with a third party impulse response instead of their original cabinet solution.

I don't know...Maybe developers get too nerdy about emulating tubes, transistors, transformers and all sorts of components and forget that even the most expensive amps can sound like **** without a matching cabinet...Man, some times even a great amp with a great cab can sound pretty bad if the room isn't right.

Anyway, in my opinion, Blue Cat's approach to cabinet emulation should sound and feel as good as the traditional IR loading method, technically speaking, but for some reason, it doesn't...At least to my ears (and hands).

Also, there's the familiarity factor. Guitarists expect, when they first fire up an ampsim, for it to sound familiar. Everybody loves familiarity...This isn't exclusively directed to Blue Cat's ampsims, but to most of them, except for S-Gear: When you first load them and play the first note, they just sound too dry...It's unnatural...And we all know that the first impression is crucial. There are many ways to fix that: Add a global ambiance/reverb option, add some reverb to their presets, etc... All I know is that developers should be way more mindful of what they want their customers to feel during the first first minutes (if not the first seconds) of interacting with their plugin, because this can be the difference between success and failure.

Take S-Gear as an example. A lot of people seem to believe it's the best ampsim out there. I think it sounds great, yes, but nothing that you can't achieve with at least a few other ampsims (after some extensive tweaking). The thing is, the first time you load it, BAAM, it sounds like you just pluged your guitar through a real amp, with real speakers in a real room.

Just my two cents.