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Originally Posted by Jaguar Dreams ➡️

"Damn Right I've Got The Blues" has been a favorite blues album of mine for a while. I was lucky enough to see Buddy play a show in San Francisco a few years after that and was just floored - one of those nights where he could have taken on any guitar player ever and won.

Yes! he really is amazing.

I am particularly interested in the title track from that disc. Can you talk about the recording and mixing gear used on it?

In particular:
* the guitar sound
* the vocal sound

Mics, pres, compressors, and how you got the reverb on the guitar (amp, room mic, rack unit)?

This was a very special album to record. Almost all the guitar and vocals are live. The main problem with getting Buddy's guitar sound was to deal with the dynamics. He can play so quietly one moment then let rip immediately afterwards. We used various combinations of Fender Bassman combo amps. some new some vintage. mostly we had two linked together with a Neumann U67 on each. The vocals were all recorded with an SM58 because Buddy was in the same room as all the other players. his amp was in a large room to the side of him with the doors open so he could hear acoustically.

No compression.

Neve console.

We needed to run long takes and so I opted for Studer A800 at 15ips with Dolby SR - best choice I ever made! Most of the songs were edited down on the multitrack from much longer versions.

Mixing was on an SSL 4000 but fitted with Maselec EQ. These are retro fitted EQ cards that replace the SSL EQ.

So much of the recording was live it was very easy to mix as the balances were already on tape.

Most of all though the players were fantastic - as a big fan of Little Feat it was a real buzz recording Richie Hayward and of course Memphis Horns, Jeff Beck etc.