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The joys of a fancy EQ. The EQ button on the X-Touch causes a "Channel EQ" to be used. You could simply use the AUParametricEQ plugin, and press the Plug-In button to choose that. I have "Center Freq", "Q" and "Gain" on vpots 1, 3, and 5.

The AUGraphicEQ lets me fiddle with the first 8 bands of the EQ.

The FLIP button lets you control values with faders instead of Vpots.

You use the "cursor" left/right buttons - bottom diamond on the X-Touch to move through the "pages".

The Vpots/faders are assigned in the order that you would see things in the "Controls" view of a plug-in.

You might want to try using a plug-in EQ and testing "Smart Controls".

You also could re-program what buttons do what in EQ mode, but that way lies madness, I am afraid.

I have been reading chapter 4 of the control surface bible for 18 months and still am lost for the most part.