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Originally Posted by huglife187 ➡️
i'm searching for the right mic for my sibilant voice mainly for smooth rap, vo ... i already tried so many mics but they all sounded to unnatural or the highend was to harsh
... but on my voice the mkh 416 does something pleasant to sibilant sounds that i never heard with any other mic ... at the same time it's the brightest mic i tested so far and that's something i don't like

i'm looking more for a cardiod option, so i want to try a sennheiser mkh40 and schoeps mk4, mk22

i can't afford to buy all three and test them side by side so i'm reading old post and try to figuring out which one of these could fit my purpose the best

i want a natural recording of spoken word with smooth high end

with "natural" i mean it shouldn't take or add something to the voice (tlm193 gives my voice too much "balls")

and with "smooth" i mean it should not exaggerate mouth noises or sibilant and similar sounds, it should smooth out those critical sounds, beiing more forgiving than critical, without missing anything relevant for voice
For speech I find the MKH 40 extremely natural - it was the first mic. I heard that made me think it was a human being and not a recording of a human being.

Difficult to say, but it just sounded "right".