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Originally Posted by FLYMAX ➡️
Hi Tony,
Could you shed any light on this experience..

Can't really tell you what was used on the backing tracks in Jamaica for Catch A Fire but the mixing was on a Helios console we dubbed the 8 tracks to 16 track on a 3M M56 machine. Monitoring Tannoy Reds in Lockwood cabinets. There was very limited outboard in those days - Helios compressors, 1176, tape loop, EMT plate - that's about it! The overdubbing on Catch A Fire and the tracks I recorded on Burnin' used the same gear
Mics were the usual collection Neumann, AKG, Beyer etc

I think I answered a question about the vocals earlier - U87 with an 1176

Cut live with band?

Some were , some overdubbed

Time of day?

I'm sorry but even if I could remember surely you can't believe that is particularly important!?

Warm ups?

I always record everything

Many takes?

Just a couple with a few drop ins - we were working on 16 track analogue remember so we had to get it right there and then.