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Hi franklinstower,

Regarding splits: splitting a 4-octave LinnStrument 128 doesn't result in 1 octave for one split and 3 octaves for the other. Rather, an even split of 8 columns each would result in 3.5 octaves for each split. The reason is due to the overlapping pitches of the rows, similar to dividing one octave of a guitar neck into two regions each with 6 frets and 2.5 octaves of range.

Regarding touch sensitivity: LinnStrument requires around 70 grams to register a touch, which is very light but not so light that notes accidentally trigger when resting your fingers on the note pads. Here's a video that might help:


Also, there are independent Low/Medium/High touch sensitivity settings for Velocity and Pressure, as well as a Touch Sensor Prescale setting that you can use to generally increase or decrease sensitivity, though regardless of these settings notes will trigger by the lightest possible touch of around 70 grams.

Finally, I happened to find your post in a search but if you want to get a response from me or other LinnStrumentalists, it's better to use the KVR LinnStrument forum, accessed from the LinnStrument Support page / Forum button on my site.