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[QUOTE=Delta T;13177470]The Linnstrument can be split allowing the control of two different synths. I think you might be able to do more then that depending on your requirements by using channel-per-row setting and splitting the Linnstrument. You could theorectically set up each synth to a different midi channel and then each row in each split would send on its own channel. Of course you would be limited in how large a scale you you could play. I've not tried it yet but think it would be possible.

That is great to know and seals the deal as far as getting the bigger keyboard. I would be able to use three splits pretty well I think. One octave only for my mother 32's (only used for drones) 3 octaves for my Model D (used for bass playing) and whatever is left for the sub 37. Sounds great!!!

I would be getting this thing like most people primarily for the increase in expresivity. Along those lines how good is the velocity sensitivity on it? I have a sub 37 and a model d reissue and the sub 37 is just not that good to me and is a downer as far as play-ability. The model D has really good variables in velocity and it is easy to dial in a setting that allows for a good range between subtle playing and not subtle.