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The Linnstrument is a fantastic instrument, but I never got to the point where I could perform with quite the degree of expressive control I was hoping for, but I'm sure that's due to my lack of technique with it and my reluctance to adapt to the fingering/scale setup, which takes some getting used to. I've seen many videos with people who have mastered it and it's a very impressive invention, to say the least. You really have to spend some time to get the most out of anything, and the Linnstrument is no exception. I recently got a full-size Haken Continuum, and I instantly gelled with it. The expressive control and sensitivity feels like you're playing an acoustic instrument, and even more so when you use the internal sounds that are generated by the Eagan Matrix (an incredibly advanced internal sound generator that uses many different kinds of synthesis). Both the Linnstrument and the Continuum are next-gen tools and I'd say try them both. I never got along too well with the Seaboard by comparison, although again, it's just not quite suited to me. The Continuum is the most exciting thing I've gotten in a long long time and worth every penny I spent on it.