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EMT 140 plate
Lexicon 480 - prob. a large room setting
AMS RMX digital reverb - setting Non-lin, modifed for a shorter decay time and a longer pre-delay
Delays - several, including 2 Roland SDE-3000's set for 1/8th note and 1/8th note triplet delays, plus another 2 SDE's set for 50 mS on the left and 55 mS on the right, with 25% regen. and approx 15-20% modulation (slow).
I also used a "stereo harmoiniser" setup using 2 Eventide 910's, one set slightly sharp, the slightly flat, panned L & R. This effect was used sparingly as a colour on lots of different components in the mix.

The song was arranged jointly by Mike & Karl, hence the Prince influences in the groove, the synth bass and the synth keyboard part.

I mixed it at Amazon Studios, which was located on the outskirts of Liverpool in north-west England.