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peter gabriel free music site

here's a link to peter gabriels latest venture (june 2007)

'The former singer with prog rock group Genesis has established the We7 website as a
place that will benefit both music fans and musicians. Users will be able to download
music for free, but adverts that are "grafted" onto each track will provide a source of
income for artists.'

it's an idea but personally i could live without 'this song is bought to you by....' before
every track.

an interesting point is raised in the article...
in that it's alot easier for an established producer with credits to make these 'new'
kinds of deals with labels for marketing and promotion..

but what will happen to the young bands in this new business model?

should n't a reasonable percentage of profit be invested in other areas like dare i
say... artist development?

i have the feeling the music industry has been taken over by the need to show a
quarterly profit, which in turn forces bigger bands to deliver a production at a certain
point in the year which benefits a shareholders meeting and not when it's actually
err.. good.

but ideas are flowing and that's good enough reason for optimism.
i just hope the young bands and new forms of music that are created can be
supported as well as the 'established' artists.