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Originally Posted by Timsplace ➡️
I know it's a loaded question. My focus is most on how composers/producers will generate income in a world of streaming, downloading, internet radio, podcasts, youtube, myspace. I don't hold much hope for large record companies since their distribution network is becoming obsolete. So much content is being put out there (legally even) without any way for creatives to be paid for their work. How will royalties be paid in the new world?

I can't add much to what Mike has so succinctly put!

This is a golden opportunity to come up with some exciting new ideas. I believe that the publishing and copyright elements will provide the most credible income stream for the future though.

One point that needs to be made I think is that music should not be free - it has worth and the people that create it deserve to be supported. The concept that consumers 'own' the music by buying a CD or downloading it misconceived. In fact what they are doing is buying a licence to use the music for their own entertainment - at home, in their car etc. It does not give them the right to pass it around. This fact is not being made clearly enough by the press and pundits.

I still also think that the CD (or DVD) is a very good delivery format and used imaginatively can be just as attractive as downloads but bad packaging, low quality content and high prices have put people off.