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I like to discuss the status of the VC340 with you and appreciate your feedback.

As we have often explained to you, our pricing model is defined by a straightforward "bottom up" calculation, which means we multiply our manufacturing cost by a factor of approximately 3 in order to arrive at the US MAP (Minimum Advertised Price).
This will allow us to pay for our development and manufacturing cost but also enable distributors and retailers to distribute the product to you and equally pay for their staff.

In terms of the Vocoder VC340 we are struggling a bit. This is a pretty exotic synthesizer and many people told us that we're totally crazy to invest so much time and effort to bring it back to life.
People who are familiar with technology understand that this is a very complex analog product as it contains over 3,000 components of specified with very low tolerances.

While we have not decided to actually manufacture the product, I personally like to bring it back as it's such a beautiful instrument. In fact it's a synthesizer I feel very sentimental about as it was one of those synths I always wanted but could not afford when I was a kid!

Now here's where we are:

1.) If our order book covers at least 1,000 units, it would allow us to sell the VC340 for US$ MAP 999.99.
2.) If we can collect orders for more than 5,000 units, we could actually lower the price to US$ 799,99.
3.) If we cannot gather at least orders for 1,000 units, we unfortunately would have to abandon the project as we would loose too much money. In this case I have at least my own prototype:-).

Please share with us your level of interest. Thanks for your help - I truly hope we can make this happen:-)


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