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>"Hello Mike,

>"Many thanks for this great primer. Could you please elaborate where MPG stands in this, what it can do to its members and what its members can do to help MPG achieve these targets?


>"M Ozturk"

Hi Barish (aka M Ozturk) - The MPG has a number of functions, one of which is to represent record producers' interests to the industry. In that role I and Robin Millar attend the Music Business Forum - a body including pretty much all of the UK music industry bodies such as the BPI, MCPS-PRS Alliance, PPL, the Musicians' Union, Equity, APRS and a host of others - which has been set up at the request of the UK government to present a unified voice to advise on government policy where it affects our business. We are a strong voice at this table and have been arguing for action to extend copyright, and defend intellectual property rights against a tide of opinion that thinks we should all roll over and surrender our livelihood.

But we also organise regular forums on topics such as selling your music on the internet, setting up a label, royalty accounting and occasional meetings with major label A&R people to hear their views on why they sign, or don't sign, acts. We also offer a free session with our music biz lawyer. We have recently come up with a guide document for development work - when you produce an artist without a label involved, but need to be protected if they get signed on the back of your work but the label wants to use the latest hot flavour-of-the-month producer and cut you out.

Another great reason for the MPG is social networking - producers tend to be lone wolves and we don't get that many occasions to meet up and just talk about what we do with others who share the same experiences. And most producers are really great people (I say modestly!) and we share a common quality I like to call audio deviants - a bit like Gearslutz! Some of our events will be based around a presentation by gear manufacturers, where we can get previews of gear and ask questions, such as why did they build it this way when they should have come to us first - which smart manufacturers sometimes do.

I've made some great friends through the MPG and got to know some inspirational producers - like the guys sharing this forum!

Just by joining the MPG, which you can do online at The Music Producers Guild UK, you are giving us strength through numbers. By the nature of our business, there are never that many producers at any one time, but we punch above our weight! And we welcome aspiring producers and engineers too!