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Originally Posted by Deleted fe72b38 ➡️
Have you ever used a real plate and 24 track tape?
Real plate, no. 24 track tape, yes. I bought the AR Plates on the demo and reviews, and for the projects I used it on it just never seemed to sonically fit to me. Of the 4 models I only really found model 1 useful in those applications (3-4 song projects). Not a life's body of work but enough to cause me to doubt it. When I demo'd EMT 140 it just fit, maybe adjust tail length but usable sound right away. Could just be coincidence I tried it on the right material right away but that did influence my opinion. VTM sounds good, no argument. I still have all my Slate AND Waves stuff (still reaaaallly like Waves), just for me I find the UAD stuff gets me to where I want to be quicker in mixing.