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Old 30th January 2018
I hit most of the list right on, over the past few years, purchased these after demos and reviews. The results here are in line with my gut feelings about them.

I am now intrigued about using the Studer, as I tend to put the ATR-102 on almost all final mixes during the "mastering" stage, even after it comes back off the mix bus. Might be worth demoing Studer during initial mixing.

I have the Neve 1081, not the 1073, and love that EQ on many sources, but I often turn to the more useful Cambridge EQ for surgical work, high pass, etc.

Love the Fairchild on certain mixes or instrument tracks, and am playing around with the API Vision but still have not found a consistent use for it, and I am not using Unison during recording, so maybe am missing out on some of its features.

Mainstays on most tracks, EMT-140, LA2A for vocals, 1081 for color EQ.
Just might have to get one of the new LA2A hardware clones to see how the plug matches up.