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Thanks everyone for the great feedback.

We are very happy to launch our latest analog synth Neutron, which was designed by our Manchester team. It contains quite a few innovative features many of which have been suggested by people here but also members of our Innovation teams.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing all the details and also have some great artists post videos so you can experience Neutron in its full scope. Hopefully you will get as excited as we are:-)

As I said multiple times, we are working hard to provide you with both faithful replicas of legacy synths but also original designs which we hope will inspire you to create great music.

We plan to ship the Neutron by end of April from our factory and over the coming weeks we will hopefully be able to announce the price. We are in the process to gather all orders from our distribution partners, which will allow us to calculate the manufacturing cost which is basis for us to define the suggested retail price.

As always thank you for your hugely valuable input - nothing beats the feeling of creating happy customers. I promise you that this is just the beginning as we're warming up:-)

Thank you!


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