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First of all let me respond to the questions posed by Barish. I'm not sure how my findings were obscure but perhaps I could try to elaborate by writing that I believe the main lesson that I've gleaned from the experience is to be as open to ideas as possible. I believe that hand in hand with that attitude one must also cultivate a transparency and honesty in realising that there may be certain areas of work that one can offer little to.

I don't believe that music makers "should", as you suggest, do anything other than be inspired by whatever stimuli they encounter. Alongside that view is yes, we should all be open but we have to realise who, or what, we are and respond to that, primarily.

Now to Manning1: Whilst I have every sympathy with your view I'm afraid that gear is important to me. Not only gear but fabulous acoustic environments as well. I actually feel that I do a better job with a great mixer, great mics, signal paths, studios etc. I absolutely believe that the musicians, performers and songs are of tantamount importance of course but I always want to do my best musically and sonically. If poor gear is getting in the way of the music or performance I'm afraid that I do get very frustrated.