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Hi Haydn,

I would like to ask you about your mixing philosophy but I didn't want to start another thread for this, as I believe mixing philosophy goes hand in hand with the gear philosophy, so I thought may be it would be much easier for you to gather it all under one umbrella.

I have read your article in MPG Winter 2006 Newsletter with great interest. You were talking about your recent (and I guess a little disappointing) mixing experience in Italy, and some sobering lessons extracted from it in terms of coping with varying mix approaches from region to region in the world.

But your actual findings were somehow a bit obscure in the article. I was wondering if you could elaborate on this.

What are your opinions about keeping an open mind in mixing a music to a different ear taste than what you are accustomed to back home?

Now that the internet has facilitated the communication and integration between those regions that once gave the character to their respective styles and made them what they are today, would you agree that the music makers should be more open to music that do not originate from their active music environment in order to manage a successful crossover? Or would you think that such an openness would eventually lead to a "no identity" situation?