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The KSM44 was my first microphone in my studio. At the time it was one of only and handful of under $1000 Microphones. On my voice it beat out many of the other Microphones in that category at the time, including the Blue Baby Bottle, AKG 414, and even the TLM 103. These days there are a lot of options in this category. The KSM44, as mentioned earlier is a very neutral microphone. It doesn’t color the signal or add to it. I found it to be a great work horse mic and recorded guitars, cello, viola, and violin. It can be a little on the bright side and requires some use of the proximity effect to really utilize the low end.

These days there are lots of options at this price point. Warm Audio’s WA87 comes to mind. It has the more mellow top end of the vintage U87, but not the bottom end. The bottom end does not reach as deep as the real deal. Some people like the R0DE Mics, although I’d Stay away from the NT1A. The NT2 and K2 weren’t bad. Have you tried any of these Mics? What style of music do you plan to record? Mic choose isn’t really about the source you are recording and the style of the music.